AAS @ Hawai’i!

I am presenting this week at the Association for Asian Studies 2022, held live after two years now. I am so honored to be part of this amazing crew of scholars and to be able to meet and interact with all of them in an amazing place such as Hawai'i. PANEL F20Area of Study: JapanJapanese... Leer más →

Presentation at WCAAS 2021

Hi, everyone! I would like to invite you to this open panel in which I will join fellow researchers Yaxkin Melchy, Alonso Belaúnde Degregori and Gabriela Li Causi in discussing contemporary Japanese poets and travelers. It wil be held at 8:30 am MDT (that is 11:30 am for ART and 11:30 pm for JST). Here... Leer más →

My conference at the AAS2021!

I am giving this conference for the Asian Studies Conference 2021 (tomorrow 10:00 am EDT, 11:00 am GMT, today 11:00 pm JST). It is a great honor to be part of an eavent that gathers the most important Asian scholars in the world and a unique opportunity to present my research about the connections between... Leer más →

Movements & (Dis)placements

Dear tomodachis, this Friday at 6 pm in Miami timezone I will be participating in this colloquium for Florida International Univesity. I will talk about how and why to become an Asian studies specialist and I will show a bit of my recently-finished doctoral research. It's open to the public so please, feel free to... Leer más →

New paper published!

Hi, everyone! Pretty happy to have my article "Nakagami Kenji and Latin American Literature: Charting an Imagined Frontier" published for the journal Transcommunication. You can download it from this link! Hope it's useful to bring light onto Nakagami's oeuvre and onto the relationship of Japanese and Latin American literatures.

Buenos Aires rapture

Just a mention of my home city in one of my favorite Japanese novels. I translated it into English after the Japanese. 裏山の雑木の繁みを風が渡り戸板に当って音を立てているのを耳にするとオリュウノオバはいつもこの狭い井戸のようにぬるんだ路地に冬が来たと知り、路地に子を置いて新天地に出ていった者らの住みついたブエノスアイレスにも冬が来て路地と同じだというゲットウでも、風が葉を吹き散らし舞い上げ、一瞬の幻の黄色の鳥のように日に輝き眩ゆくぎらめく葉を嬲るように飛ばしているのだろうと思うのだった。オリュウノオバは眼を閉じ、風の音に耳を傾けてさながら自分の耳に舞い上った葉のように風にのって遠くとこまでも果たしなく浮いたまま飛んでいくのだと思った。 中上健次『千年の愉楽』1982年 When she heard the wind crossing the grove from the back mountain and hitting the door and make a sound, Oryū-no-Oba knew that winter had come again to the lukewarm, narrow-as-water-well... Leer más →

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